Green and Efficient Shredding

Transparency on Equipment and Energy Costs for Customers of ALLRECO GmbH


ALLRECO GmbH needed an innovative, scalable, and flexible solution to visualize the data of their sensor-equipped systems, which can consist of multiple individual machines. With NimBit and IoTBreeze, ALLRECO found a solution that allows their customers to gain deep insights into the production data of their systems, determine information on energy efficiency, and for the first time, also calculate the actual energy costs per ton of the respective end product produced.

The Company and Its Challenges


ALLRECO GmbH is a provider of machinery and systems for the processing of waste wood, household and commercial waste, biomass, and the production of substitute fuels. ALLRECO offers customers a comprehensive range of separation technologies, from drum screening machines to star and spiral shaft screens to vibrating screens. Additionally, ALLRECO offers specialized technology, for example, for mixing or density separation. At the forefront is ALLRECO's highly qualified team, which translates customer requirements into customized machines and systems.

Custom solutions are not uncommon. Therefore, the high quality of the machines used and the service from suppliers is crucial. ALLRECO is also committed to sustainability and mainly offers machines with electric drives. This transition aims not only to reduce CO2 emissions but also to achieve higher added value and cost efficiency. In a market where fluctuating energy prices significantly impact profitability, ALLRECO uses advanced IoT technology to make informed operational decisions.

Requirements and Goals


In light of fluctuating energy prices affecting the profitability of recycling operations, ALLRECO needed a way to optimize machine utilization and improve overall efficiency. The company chose a solution that provides real-time insights into production costs, machine performance, and fault diagnosis to enhance decision-making and operational efficiency.

The Solution - More Transparency for Better Insights


ALLRECO implemented NimBit IoTBreeze, an innovative IoT product that provides comprehensive dashboards for monitoring machine faults, efficiency, idle times, and working hours. This solution enables ALLRECO to:

  • Optimization of Energy Costs:
    By integrating current energy prices, ALLRECO’s dashboards allow them to determine the most cost-efficient times to operate their machines, ensuring maximum profitability.
  • Optimization of Throughput:
    For customers looking to increase productivity, NimBit IoTBreeze offers detailed visualizations of machine operations
    Efficiency reports highlight idle times and underutilized capacities, enabling users to minimize downtime and maximize throughput.
  • Consolidation of Machine Data:
    NimBit IoTBreeze aggregates data from multiple machines, providing a holistic overview of all connected devices.
    This integration demonstrates how different machines interact and contribute to the overall efficiency of the recycling process.
  • Improved Fault Diagnosis:
    Enhanced visibility of fault conditions helps NimBit IoTBreeze identify root causes and correlations of machine faults.
    This remote diagnostic feature is particularly beneficial for ALLRECO’s globally distributed machines, reducing the need for on-site support and saving time, costs, and labor.

Innovation powered by IoT


The data collection and tagging functions of NimBit IoTBreeze offer numerous applications, including:

  • Increased Safety:
    Continuous monitoring ensures that machines are operated safely by enabling restrictions for non-ideal operating modes and unauthorized users.
  • Identification of Bottlenecks:
    By identifying bottlenecks in the processing chain, ALLRECO can optimize throughput and identify opportunities for integrating better-suited machines.
  • Predictive Maintenance:
    Automatic anomaly detection facilitates predictive maintenance by determining optimal maintenance windows to avoid downtime.
  • Insightful Reports:
    Both ALLRECO and their customers benefit from detailed reports on machine usage, revealed improvement opportunities, and increased operational transparency.
  • Machine Optimization:
    Better insights into machine performance provide OEMs with valuable feedback, promoting continuous improvement of machine performance.

Results and Future Prospects


With NimBit IoTBreeze, ALLRECO has transformed its operations and to make more data-driven decisions that increase efficiency and profitability..

With the flexible toolset of NimBit IoTBreeze, ALLRECO ensures its position at the forefront of innovation in the recycling industry, further driving sustainability and efficiency forward.


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